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2012 Songwriting Award Winners

God has given an amazing amount of talent to his people!

It is wonderful that so many writers chose to share their songs. Several judges said what a blessing it was just to listen to all the submissions.

  • Many songs provided a beautiful window into God's work in the lives of the songwriters, as he works to build their faith, their trust and their ministries.
  • God's word was directly included in many songs, and more subtly in others, but its presence was always powerful. God's word is the solid rock. It is as critical a foundation to songs, as it is to sermons and in our lives.
  • There was a wonderful range of styles, from meditative worship through hymns to rap and metal.

You can download the winning songs just as they were submitted - the free audio downloads are just to your right.

All DeoSound music uses Creative Commons copyrights - so you can legally share these songs with your church, friends and family. But these won't be the only songs from this year's awards - read on!

Thank You For Your Entries!

If you submitted a song this year - thank you.

Whoever receives the official awards, the greatest eternal value is actually created by faithfully using your musical gifts in God's service, practicing to get better at reflecting his great glory, and freely sharing your gifts with the brothers and sisters around you that are so blessed by God through you.

Thanks to the Creative Commons licenses you used for your song, God's word in your song is not tangled up in commercial copyright. God's powerful word in your songs will be free to bring his saving and transforming power to people all over the world for decades to come.

Consider using Creative Commons licenses for all your creative work - it's the easiest way to make your songs legal for use throughout the world.

Keep seeking the Lord. Keep reading his word. Keep writing his music!

Finalists: The 2012 Album

While it was great to receive so many excellent submissions, it certainly didn't make it any easier to select winners!

The judges actually began by selecting twelve songs. Some will remember that in 2011, there were two first-place songs. Unfortunately twelve first-place songs simply wasn't possible. So the judges gave special recognition to those twelve as official finalists.

DeoSound is producing an album of these finalists for release later in the year. Like all DeoSound music, it will use a Creative Commons license making it free for you to sing, share and bless.

While you'll be able to simply enjoy all twelve songs, the judges had to work on until they selected just three.

The Awards

The 2012 Songwriting Award winners are:

  • Ashes To Beauty by Caroline VanHalteren
  • Piece of the Pie by Kevin White, Daniel Mullin & Michelle White
  • Y'shua My Lord by Andrew Kwan

Caroline has just finished the first year of her Bachelor's degree in Modern Music Ministry in Memphis, TN, USA. She is looking toward worship leadership, and feels a strong call to bring God's word to his people through music. God has certainly blessed Caroline with considerable songwriting abilities - the judges selected three of her songs as finalists. Caroline is using her $1000 award toward continuing her Christian music education.

Kevin is a pastor - and gifted rapper - in Markham, ON, Canada. He serves as pastor of youth and children's ministries at an intercultural church, where his desire is to equip, empower and encourage youth to live lives consistent with the faith we profess. He finds rap music a great tool. He often writes with his musically gifted wife Michelle and talented friend Daniel Mullin, who together wrote the music for this winning track. Kevin writes a lot, and is using his award to get set up to make his own beats and recordings to save on studio time.

Andrew is completing his Bachelor of Religious Education degree in Toronto, ON, Canada. He has a deep love of music and a great appreciation for the ways that God can use it in our lives, most especially for the worship of our Lord. Andrew's song is connected to several parts of the world: You'll identify an immediate middle-Eastern feel to the music, while the lyrics were first written in Chinese, and the winning song is a later English translation. His desire is to show the glory and beauty of the Lord through music, so that as we are attracted to him we will worship him with sincere hearts. Andrew is using his award to further his study of God and his Word.

What's Next

You'll learn more about each song - and the writers behind them - as we profile each finalist song and the writers behind them.

Also watch for the release of the 2012 Awards Album this summer - you'll be able to download and share it for free.

If you are a songwriter, what is most important is to continue seeking the Lord, roll your sleeves up, and get writing your next songs. The 2013 Awards will open for entries on November 15, 2012.

Here's some important advance info for the next awards: The 2013 awards will offer even more opportunity for you to grow in your songwriting. Over the next six months, we will be publishing monthly articles and checklists for you to hone your songwriting skills. If you use these tools to evaluate and improve your own song, and are among the first to submit your song in November, you will actually receive early feedback from coaching judges so that you can fine-tune your song and submit a 'final' version.

Many people didn't learn about this year's contest in time - so the other thing you can do is to spread the word early for next year!

May God continue to bless you as you seek to take his word to the world through music.

So many good entries gave the judges a huge challenge - but here is their final answer!

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