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2013 Songwriting Award Preview

No, you didn't fall asleep for months. It's not quite 2013 yet!

But the 2013 Christian Songwriting Awards will be here before you know it.

Our goal for the third annual awards is for God to be glorified through your songs even more:

  • More countries
  • More awards
  • More music

Praise the LORD. Praise the LORD from the heavens, praise him in the heights above.

More opportunities to worship the Lord of the universe. More opportunities to serve the Lord of your life. More people who can hear his good news through your songs.

You want to get better and better at bringing God's word to the world through music.

Here are three things you can do to get ready now.

Join the Songwriting Workshop

First, you can take advantage of the new on-line Christian Songwriting Workshop. There are lots of great songwriting resources, but this focuses specifically on Christian songwriting.

No pain, no gain: This workshop is meant to challenge you.

The gain? It could help you make your song better, and more importantly, equip you to take God's good news to the world through all your songs. Not only that, but this year there are special extra awards if you take your song through the workshop.

It is normally not possible for one person to win more than one award. However, these songwriting workshop awards are in addition to our main award, so your song could win twice.

The workshop is completely free, and you can click here to start today.

An Inside Track With the Judges

No, it's certainly not cheating. But the judges do want to help you.

You can actually get feedback from judges on making your song stronger right in the middle of the contest. If you are among the first to submit your song, the 2013 awards will actually let you submit your song twice.

Here is how it works: One or more judges will listen to your song, review your lyrics, and provide some ideas for you to consider. You can update your song if you choose, and resubmit before the contest closes. This special feedback too is completely free - but you need to get in early because our judges have limited capacity. Once they've accepted all the songs they can review, anyone will still be able to submit an entry for the main awards, but the special feedback option will be closed. That means you want to get your song ready now.

Get Out The Word

It is DeoSound's prayer that the songwriting awards will bless you, and everyone God touches through your music. But you don't want to keep a good thing to yourself!

Let your musician and songwriting friends know that the awards are coming up. How about that choir director you loved singing with in Sydney? Or your musical nephew in Poughkeepsie? And of course don't forget your church, school, bible study, college or home-school group.

If you sign up to receive advance information on the awards, we'll make sure you are among the first to receive access to the posters and song submission information.

Just because you asked...

Some songwriters are so keen, they keep asking if they can send in their songs now! The short answer is no.

Songs that are submitted early for the contest are carefully packaged up, then sent to a black hole in a distant galaxy. They are never seen again.

Why does that happen? Your song deserves the full attention of the judges, and we don't want to risk it being overlooked. It also wouldn't be fair to others that participate. We are also using a new song submission system for 2013, and it won't be available until the contest opens. That means e-mails that go to the old contest address really do end up in that black hole.

Most importantly though, now that you know the Songwriting Workshop is available, you want to use all the time remaining before submissions open to make your song the best it can possibly be. The workshop will wrap up just in time for you to submit your song exactly on schedule.

A sneak preview of what's new in our next songwriting awards - what you want to know now!

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