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2013 Songwriting Awards Winners

At long last, every entry has been listened to, reviewed, and enjoyed, and we are pleased to announce the 2013 Christian Songwriting Award winners!

This year our judges faced their biggest challenge yet: More songs than ever before, yet even with so many great songs, they had to still pick just ten finalists, and only three winners. Thank you for all the great entries!

So who won? If you entered, you won. Instead of leaving your talents buried in the ground, you have wisely sought to use them in the service of our King. Not only are you a winner, but all those that will be blessed, encouraged and challenged by your songs will be winners too.

The whole body of Christ won too: Not only are there more great songs to inspire, teach and reach out, but we pray that you - and many other talented songwriters too - will be inspired to write ever-better songs for our Lord and Saviour.

Having acknowledged the most important winners, let's look at this year's songs. (In a hurry? Head on over to the awards site to hear them all now!)

God: The creator of wonderful diversity

This year's finalists represent a broad range of musical styles. Some have been very professionally produced and recorded, others sound like they were recorded with a phone. Some are first songs from young songwriters, some show the hallmarks of long experience.

Yet what all the songwriters share in common is a desire to bring glory to our God, help others to get to know Him, and tell of His amazing love and care for each of us.

Free to Bless

Another thing all these great songs have in common is that they are free for non-commercial use.

We believe great Christian music does not have to be locked up with restrictive copyright. We believe God can use songs to do more for His kingdom if they are not strangled in legal red tape.

These songwriters agree: They are freely sharing their gifts and talents with you. Every song here is covered by a Creative Commons license, allowing you to legally download, share, sing, play and even record it for free for non-commercial use.

The audio track for every song is available for download now (see upper right). These are the raw songs exactly as the judges heard them. Remember that songs are not judged on the quality of production or arrangement - though if there was an award for production, it would be tough to beat Maggie Wang's entries!

It is our hope that we will be able to ultimately post the lyrics, chords and music for each song, and to produce professional recordings too. But remember because they are all under a Creative Commons license, you are welcome to record your own amazing non-commercial cover of any song. If you do a cover of one of these songs, why not fire off an email to Info [at] DeoSound [dot] org with a link to YouTube or wherever you upload it? We'd love to hear!

Now May I Have The Envelope Please?

Without further ado, the 2013 Songwriting Awards winners are:

  • I'm With You by Kierstyn Marlow
  • I'll Worship (Despite) by Stacey Gbeklui
  • Come To Life by Dgiovah Denize and Gazzie Fulcher

Rounding out the Top Ten are the very strong finalists, in alphabetical order:

  • Favored Son by Marcellus Atkins
  • Here by Caroline Kim and Dain Hong
  • Kings & Kingdoms by Tolulola Taiwo and Sameh Hanna
  • Knock by Maggie Wang and Andrew Horrocks
  • Letting Out The Crazies by Maggie Wang and Andrew Horrocks
  • Overcame The Grave by Christopher Siu
  • Working For Your Good by Joshua Williams

And For Our New 'Talent Scout' Award

We believe there are 5,000 Christian songwriters that don't yet know about the DeoSound Christian Songwriting Awards.

That is a lot of songwriters missing out! What is worse, so many great songs are never heard, and talent that could be building God's kingdom is wasted.

This year, we created a Talent Scout award to recognize the valuable contribution made by the growing army of DJs, pastors, teachers, parents and friends who let songwriters know about the DeoSound awards.

Way back in the summer, Jamie Lewis of Praise 96.3 let Dgiovahni Denize know about the awards. Dgiovahni entered his song 'Come To Life', and the rest is history. The song captured third place, and best of all, thousands of people can now be blessed by this song. They would have never heard it if it hadn't been for Jamie.

Since 'Come To Life' was the top finisher with a Talent Scout entry, we are very pleased to announce that Jamie Lewis is the recipient of the 2013 Talent Scout award.

What next?

It's hard to believe, but the 2014 DeoSound Christian Songwriting Awards are just around the corner. Our target to be open for entries is March 15, 2014.

Are you a songwriter? Keep reading, praying, and praising God.

Then keep using your songwriting talents in the service of our King - how about a writing a song a week between now and next year? Check out our expanding Songwriting Workshop, study online, buy a book to coach you to the next level, co-write with a friend. You can write, rewrite, pick and pare, and you'll be ready send in your very best.

Not a songwriter? You are really important, because chances are you know at least three songwriters that should enter next year.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find those three songwriters at your church, school or college, and make sure they enter. You may not know who they are, so mention the awards on FB, Twitter and your emails. You could be the winner of our Talent Scout award next year!

May God continue to bless you as you seek to serve Him through writing, performing and listening to music with Christ at the center.

Take a listen to this year's finalists and winners - then get writing for next year!


These songwriters used a Creative Commons license to make their songs freely available for God to bless you. You can play, sing, share with friends and even record them.

However, you must credit the songwriter, and you may not sell the songs or recordings, or otherwise use them for any commercial purpose. See Creative for full license information.

Copyright (c) 2013 Some rights reserved CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0

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