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DeoSound Spring 2012 Contest Rules
  • Song submissions must be an original composition of Christian music, vocal plus instrument, any genre. May be spoken word, but must include musical or rhythmic accompaniment.
  • Entries must be received by midnight Eastern time, March 15, 2012. DeoSound is not liable for entries not delivered, received incomplete, or received too late to consider.
  • Entries must include all information on the Songwriting Competition Entry Checklist. Entries are to be submitted with all material (OGG/MP3, lyrics, and entry checklist information) in one single e-mail to Spring2012 [at] DeoSound [dot] org. Multiple entries (of different songs) are permitted, but each entry must be entered separately, and each entry must include all required information. DeoSound does not guarantee that any given entry will be acknowledged.
  • There is no alternate cash value to any of the prizes. Prizes must be accepted as awarded.
  • There is no fee to enter, and nothing to pay for recording, production or Boot Camp. Entrants are responsible for any and all of their own costs, including arranging any transportation they need, though DeoSound will attempt to co-ordinate private carpooling for the Boot Camp if winner(s) require it. Boot Camp winners are responsible for their own lunch.
  • Should there be a taxable value to any prize or scholarship, the winner is responsible for determining, declaring and paying any taxes that may be due, and indemnifies DeoSound for any costs related to taxes.
  • Where multiple individuals count as co-writers, the submission must include evidence of agreement from all parties with an interest in the song, including how any prize(s) awarded would be allocated among the writers.
  • All entries must be licensed under a Creative Commons license before submitting your entry. This means you must be comfortable with making your song, both the composition and recorded performance, freely available for non-commercial use. Find out how in three minutes.

    Churches, Christian bands and believers, along with the rest of the world, will be able to sing or play your song for non-commercial purposes, provided they credit you as the composer and/or performer (assuming you use the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license). If you choose to use a Creative Commons license, we recommend the 3.0 Unported license version. If you live in Canada, we recommend that you do not use the specifically Canadian version, as it differs from all international versions. Find out more about licensing your music here.

    Participants retain commercial rights, and where winners receive recording time they will receive a copy of the master files that they can use for any purpose, including commercial purposes such as demos. DeoSound does not seek any commercial interest in your song - DeoSound's interest is spiritual.

    Licensing of your song is an important legal decision, and if you are not certain about whether a Creative Commons license is right for your song, you agree that you have sought appropriate professional advice before entering your song.
  • For recording winners, DeoSound nominates an individual to act as producer, who has the final word on takes, arrangements, mixes, mastering, etc., with input from the artist as practical. Session musicians to round out the song may be made available for recording at the discretion of DeoSound. Production, mixing, mastering and any session musicians (where needed) will be managed by DeoSound.
  • All entrants must be 18 or over, or provide proof of permission to participate from a parent or guardian. Entrants under 18 must make arrangements for a responsible person to be present with them at any recording or mixing session, or to attend the Songwriters' Boot Camp.
  • To use the recording portion of the prize, the winner must be available for up to 10 hours recording and production time in March 2012 in Mississauga, ON. DeoSound will cover the additional hours of mixing and mastering beyond the recording time, to a total equivalent value of the prize. Value of studio time is based on small-studio commercial rates that are typically $75 per hour and up. Recording offered as part of the prize will take place in a non-commercial studio with similar (or better) technical facilities. Judges retain the right to award a substitute prize of conventional commercial recording if suitable non-profit facilities are not available in your area, but they are not obligated to do so.
  • To use Songwriters' Boot Camp portion of the prize, winner must be able to travel to Buffalo, NY on May 3, 2012 (full day, leaving very early morning, returning late evening). Note if you are a Canadian resident, you will require a valid passport. In the event that a winning entry cannot use the Boot Camp portion of the prize, winner must declare that they cannot use the Boot Camp prize no later than March 31, 2012, so the prize may be awarded to another entrant.
  • The judges may take reasonable steps to ensure good stewardship of any scholarships awarded. For example, if you propose to use the scholarship to attend a music program at a bible school, the judges may work with you to arrange direct payment of the scholarship to your school.
  • The contest is open to residents of the US and Canada, except where prohibited or where tax laws or other restrictions may prevent the practical awarding of prizes or scholarships. Any one individual is eligible for a maximum of one prize (if you submit multiple songs, only one can win). Employees, agents or representatives of DeoSound, as well as contest judges, and their immediate families are not eligible to participate. Residents of other countries are welcome to submit entries, which the judges may in their discretion acknowledge with a status of Honourable Mention, but prizes are not available outside the area for Spring 2012.
  • All entrants agree that if they win, they will participate in reasonable publicity regarding their prize, which normally consists of a photograph suitable web usage or publication (the image need not necessarily be identifiable, see the 2010 winners for an example), and at least one phone or e-mail interview which may be used as the basis of one or more articles or stories. There is no separate compensation for this material.
  • The contest is run on a best-efforts basis. If anything goes badly wrong, like a recording studio gets flooded out, the border is closed on the day of the Songwriters' Boot Camp, or the tax lawyers declare scholarships illegal, it's very sad, but there is no provision for substitute prizes.
  • These rules may be amended at any time, or the contest itself may be completely discontinued, before or after the close of the contest without liability or notice to any past or prospective contest entrant, should such actions be judged necessary to manage any aspect of the contest including legal compliance.
  • Decisions of the judges may appear completely arbitrary, unreasonable, or in really poor musical taste, but they are final anyway.
  • Your entry indicates acceptance of all these rules and conditions, that you acknowledge you are participating entirely at your own risk, and that you agree to absolve and hold harmless DeoSound, its directors, agents, staff, organizers, volunteers and everyone associated in any way from any and all liability in regard to the contest, the prizes, and the licensing or usage of your song.

Always good to pay attention to the rules! Here is the fine print you need to read.

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