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Online Christian Songwriting Workshop

Welcome to our workshop series on Christian songwriting!

Have you ever wished you could sit with talented Christian songwriters, musicians, producers and worship leaders, and get pointers from them on how to make your songs even better?

You have come to the right place.

Over six months, we will take a tour through six of the most important aspects of new Christian music. Pick one of your best songs, and challenge yourself to make it even better. You can have it all polished up in time to enter the next Christian songwriting awards.

God is great, and greatly to be praised!

He is greatly to be praised with the very best we can offer. Our very best wouldn't even begin to do him justice, but it's amazing the Lord of the universe wants us to try.

You want to get as many good resources as you can to help you do the best possible job of communicating God's message to the world - and there are tons of great resources on songwriting. You can check out our reviews on some of the best.

But Christian songwriting - speaking God's word in music - brings unique opportunities and responsibilities.

You are delivering some of the most important messages in the history of our planet, on behalf of the most important person in the universe.

How incredible that God would allow us to work with him! But it's important that we allow him to equip us: We need to do his work, in his way, for his glory.

This isn't dry theory: The focus is on giving you practical tools that can help you be a better songwriter. These are real-world tips and techniques, distilled from dozens of song reviews where songwriters like you have presented their songs to Christian music experts - pastors, label-signed artists, writers whose songs you may have just sung in worship this past Sunday.

These songwriters received valuable feedback and coaching to grow in their songwriting. You can learn a lot from their experiences.

Why is this a workshop?

Astronauts study for years, then go do their job once. Songwriters don't usually do that. Songwriters don't become better just by studying. Songwriters have to work, writing lots and lots of songs, then writing and rewriting, again and again. Plus study too.

You have probably heard several great hymns by Fanny Crosby - but did you know she wrote more than 5,000? Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys had a number one with Surfer Girl - the first song he ever wrote - but years later he sometimes still wrote more than a hundred songs in one month. Wilson thinks there would be a lot more good songs if songwriting was not such hard work.

But praising God - and proclaiming his saving love to the world - now that's something worth working hard for.

So pick one song - your best song - and challenge yourself to work through the workshop to make your song even better.

Nothing says success like obedience

When you've worked through this series, how will you measure your success?

Maybe you'll see your song trending on Twitter, taking number one with Skillet, or you'll get that call from Laura Story asking to record it. Maybe not.

Either way, you'll have been a faithful steward in developing your talent and sharing it with God's people: It's always our role to be obedient, and leave the results up to God.

Our prayer for you is that you'll have learned something more about Christian songwriting, and that every one of your future songs for him will come just a little closer to perfectly singing his excellent praises and faithfully telling his awesome story.

And don't forget - when you just can't make your song any better at all - consider entering it for the DeoSound Christian Songwriting Awards.

Pull up a chair, and click here to get started with us on lesson one!

Challenge yourself to write better songs for God's glory - we saved you a chair!

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