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Privacy Policy

DeoSound is committed to protecting the privacy of website users, supporters, and everyone else that we interact with. We aim to be clear and transparent in how we treat any personal information you choose to share with us.

Various activities of DeoSound require that we gather and use personal information. This information is typically obtained directly from you, authorized service providers, or others you may authorize to share necessary information with us. This information is used only as we have your express or implied consent to do so.

Depending on the state, province or country where you live, there may not be a statutory obligation for the protection of personal information. However, DeoSound aims to voluntarily hold itself to what we consider to be best-practices in collecting, using or disclosing personal information.

How is Personal Information Defined?

Personal Information is information about an identifiable individual that can be used to distinguish, identify or contact a specific individual. It may also be considered to include an individual’s opinions, beliefs, interests, associates, or affiliations, or other facts about or information related to the individual.

Some publicly available information, such as names, addresses and telephone numbers as published in telephone directories or readily available on the internet are not normally considered to be personal information. Similarly, publicly available information such as the authorship or participation in the creation, performance or distribution of publicly licensed or attributed creative works are also not normally considered personal information.

Information that is presented as a 'business' contact or address is similarly not considered personal information, even when a home address is also given out as a business address.

While we seek to avoid distributing any information that is not absolutely necessary, the standards we apply to publicly available or business contact information are not necessarily as rigorous as those we apply to personal information.

What Personal Information Do We Collect?

Personal information collected by DeoSound may include: name, e-mail address, postal address, telephone numbers and other contact information, musical interests, denominational or organizational affiliation, demographic information such as age and gender, and preferences for communication.

DeoSound may receive additional personal information if you choose to supply it for purposes such as conference attendance, competition entries and scholarship applications. While this personal information depends on you and is therefore open-ended, we actively encourage you to limit personal information that you supply to the level you consider necessary for the purpose, and never to supply personal information that you would not want made public.

As the security of any computer system can be compromised, we require as a condition of use of this website or any of our services that you never provide any information to DeoSound that you would not want to become public, regardless of DeoSound's expressed intent to keep such information private.

DeoSound typically does not seek or obtain financial, credit card or bank account information for donation or other financial purposes. We actively encourage donation methods that do not require us to ever be in possession of such information.

How Do We Use and Disclose Your Personal Information?

DeoSound collects personal information in order to assist you with requests you make to participate in events, contact others in your area with similar interests in Christian music and ministry, evaluate entries and applications such as for events, contests, and scholarships, and provide you with relevant promotion information and materials.

We share this information with authorized DeoSound employees, agents or volunteers for the purposes of promotion, research and analysis. If we use an external service provider for services like payment processing, it may be necessary to share the information with a reputable third party service provider on a confidential basis. Data at DeoSound may be stored in one or more countries including Canada and the United States, and would therefore be subject to legal jurisdiction of the country of storage.

We use reasonable efforts to avoid disclosing any personal information beyond the explicit purposes for which you supplied it, except where we believe we are compelled to provide it by law. However, in all cases we require that you do not supply any personal information to us that you would not want to become public.

We collect, use and disclose personal information only for purposes that a reasonable person would consider appropriate in the circumstances. We never rent or sell personal information to any other organization.

How is Privacy Affected by DeoSound Web Sites?

We use passwords to protect personal and other information you provide to us when we interact with you through our website. Our sites may use features to protect access to your information such as encrypted log-in registration.

More general information, such as your usage of the sites, may be logged using cookies, usage tracking software, IP addresses, browser types and similar information that your computer system conventionally provides on the web even though you may not have explicitly requested this. This information is used for statistical and analysis purposes to plan for the services and capacity necessary to service future requests. Though this information is normally analyzed in aggregate, by the nature of the information itself such as an IP address it may be possible to associate it with an individual user, user location, or service provider.

When is the Privacy Policy Changed?

Our privacy practices and policies are reviewed from time to time, and may be updated in response to factors such as new technologies, new services, or legislative changes. Changes to our privacy policy are typically communicated through our website.

How Can I Access My Personal Information?

Subject to certain exceptions in applicable jurisdictions, you may have a legal right to know what personal information we hold about how, and to whom we may have disclosed that information. In some jurisdictions, you may also have a right to provide corrected information if you believe information we have is inaccurate.

While DeoSound actively avoids collecting any personal information of this type, and not all jurisdictions require that this information be accessible to you, we endeavour to be transparent in our collection and handling of any information we do have. In answering these requests, we of course must also protect such information from illegitimate requests from others for access to your information. This means we must interact with you to facilitate any such requests - to learn more, you can contact us by e-mail at Privacy [at] DeoSound [dot] org, or by mail by addressing requests to the Privacy Officer at one of our postal addresses on our contact page.

What About Newsletters, Subscriptions, and Mailing lists?

DeoSound may offer various opt-in mailing lists for either e-mail or regular postal mail. Any personally identifiable information provided by you is used for the purpose of delivering the mailing item, renewing your subscription, research and/or marketing.

All e-mail messages that are sent by DeoSound to a mailing list (as distinct from those sent individually from DeoSound) contain opt-out information. Additionally, users may choose to opt-out at any time by e-mailing Privacy [at] DeoSound [dot] org, or by one of the means through our contact page.

DeoSound never makes its mailing lists available to third parties.

How Can I Contact DeoSound About Its Web Site?

If you have any questions or concerns about the practices of any DeoSound website, please contact DeoSound:

  • By email - Privacy@DeoSound org
  • By phone - 1.888.DeoSound
  • By mail - Please see our Contact page for full postal contact information

Privacy is important. Know which side of the fence your information is on.