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The Hymn Project

I will praise you, O Lord, among the nations;
  I will sing praises to your name.

Ten thousand hymns of praise to the Lord. Free to the world.

There have been thousands of hymns written over the millenia, sung by billions of voices.

Great songs of praise, worship, challenge, and thanksgiving.  An amazing record of God's faithfulness down through all generations.

The torch has now been passed to us, ready to spread light and life through a needy world.

The Foundation

The Hymn Project is researching, archiving, reproducing and recording the great hymns of the ages.

Complete hymns are being made available as free audio recordings that are inspiring to listen to, as well as instrumental recordings to play or sing along with.

Many hymns will be available recorded on a variety of instruments, from the instruments first used when the tunes were composed, to complete bands. All recordings can be downloaded, copied, or shared without charge and made available for worship, performance, sharing, singing, or any non-commercial activity.

While the recordings are important, The Hymn Project seeks to help all current and future musicians by also compiling and publishing a complete set of matching words, sheet music, and files suitable for creating arrangements and adaptations.

The Hymn Project is beginning with many of the great classics written or translated into English, but hopes to extend to every cultural and linguistic group.

The Hymn Project is building the foundation of the collection from public domain hymns, which can be freely shared in the Christian community without restrictive copyrights or payment of licensing fees.  These hymns typically use words and music written in 1922 and earlier.

A reference set of hymn books and sheet music is also being assembled for research, and to aid in establishing correct copyright status. It is also hoped to provide cross references between many recent hymnals, and all earlier matching tunes and words.

Sing a Newer Song

Of course there have been many wonderful hymns written more recently, and ideally these too would be available to God's people.

Typically, copyright restrictions on work starting in 1923 mean these hymns in some countries will not become available for 75 years after the death of the last author.  Unfortunately many of these hymns may be completely forgotten by then, and may never be sung freely around the world.

The Hymn Project is therefore interested in working with hymn writers, publishers and copyright owners to re-license these works under something called a Creative Commons license. Essentially, this allows the current owners of the music to retain all the commercial rights, but still gives general permission for the hymns to be shared.

The Hymn Project is building a database of the most-requested copyright hymns that are currently blocked from free distribution, so those that wish to see these hymns used by God's people can write to or work with the copyright owners to ensure great works from more recent years are not lost in obscurity.

Sing the Newest Song of All

The Hymn Project also encourages the writing of brand new hymns, and supports lyric and tune writers with a variety of resources.

DeoSound believes that distinctions between different genres of music are limiting, and somewhat artificial. DeoSound encourages the writing and sharing of all kinds of new Christian music, including music that can sound like what we might traditionally call hymns.

This means that hymn writers can make use of all the resources in Composer Central. They are also encouraged to enter hymns in the songwriting competitions held from time to time.

Most importantly, The Hymn Project provides information on how writers can use Creative Commons licenses so that their work can widely used by God's people, and still be protected from theft or unauthorized commercialization. You can also learn more about our companion project to free God's word.

Ready For Your Place In History?

The Hymn Project is open to volunteers from all areas, and with many different talents.

Musicians, arrangers, archivists and recording engineers and studios are all needed. Whatever you might think your skills are, if you love praising God through hymns, there is likely a place for you.

If you can type and use a computer, one of the most valuable roles is building up the database of hymns and words. The Hymn Project recognizes and acknowledges that wonderful work already done in this area, such as The Cyber Hymnal.  The Hymn Project is eager and open to work with other projects to avoid the duplication of work, and speed the process of spreading God's word.

If you are excited about praising God, you can play a part in forging this new link in the ongoing chain of praise.

The Hymn Project is a donor-supported ministry project of the DeoSound, bringing God's word to the world through music.  


An unbroken chain of praise stretching back thousands of years.  Now it's our turn!